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Pharmacy: Mobile Resources

Pharmacy resources and help

Free Mobile apps & resources

Mobile Apps for Library Resources
Drug Information Apps
1. Access Clinical Pharmacology through the USF Health Libraries webpage
2. Click on Register in the top-right corner
3. Create an account with Elsevier using your @uf email address
4. From the main page of Clinical Pharmacology, click on your name and select Remote Access from the menu.
5. Enter your @uf email address and click Continue. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
6. Download the Clinical Pharmacology app through your device's app store (iOS or Android)
7. Sign in using the account information that you created
1. Access Micromedex through the UF Health Science Libraries website
2. Click on Mobile Application Access in the top-right corner
3. Find the current password for your desired app
4. Download the desired app from your device's app store (iOS or Android)
5. Enter the password exactly as it appears on the page when prompted
1. Access Natural Medicines database through the UF Health Science Center Libraries website
2. Click on Get Your Login ID in the top-right corner to create a profile
3. Download the Natural Medicines app from your device app store (iOS or Android)
4. Sign in using the account information you created
Clinical Support Decision Tools
1. Go to UpToDate through UF Health Science Center Libraries
2. Create a personal account using your USF email address to use with the mobile app. 
3. Download the app from your device's app store (Android/Apple)
4. Log in using the username and password you created
5. Confirm your affiliation with University of  Florida every 90 days. To do this simply login to UpToDate by clicking on the UpToDate link.


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