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Comic Books & Graphic Novels: Local Resources

A guide for locating useful resources related to comic books and graphic novels, whether for academic or personal entertainment purposes.

Superhero Comics/Graphic Novels from UF's Library

Although comics existed in strip and pulp formats for decades prior, the modern American comic book came into popular consciousness with the introduction of Superman in 1938's Action Comics #1.  After Superman's success, a veritable cornucopia of superheroes exploded from various publishers, and they have since been described as everything from the modern descendents of ancient myth cycles to corrupting influences on children.  Whatever the current view of superheroes is, however, they are indisputably the comic book format's flagship content.

Other Comics/Graphic Novels from UF's Library

Superheroes are not the only thing comics excel at.  Here are some selections from UF's library of comics and graphic novels from a wide array of genres, from crime thrillers to memoirs.

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Other Local Resources

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