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A guide for locating useful resources related to comic books and graphic novels, whether for academic or personal entertainment purposes.


Comics are art and literature rolled into one universally accessible package.  They have a long tradition in numerous societies, including America's.  Although direct market readership of print comics has waned somewhat in recent decades, the scholarly merit and influence in popular culture of the comic medium as a whole have only grown with time.  They are the basis for multi-million-dollar movies, video games, and television shows, yet the vast majority of the public has at most only the barest first-hand knowledge of comics.

This collection of resources aims to change that (for those reading it, at the very least).  While there are many comics published specifically for children, this resource guide is aimed primarily at young adults and up.  The resources are organized from basic resources aimed at simply helping you find comics to more advanced resources for those interested in comics academically; additionally, there are several recommended local resources unique to Gainesville and/or UF.

Whether your interest in comics is in casual readership, breaking into the industry as a professional comics creator, or scholarly examinations of the medium as an art form, I hope you'll find something of use here.

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