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E-Books at UF: Downloading/Mobile

Lists the many e-book providers in the UF Libraries, including access and download information.

Downloading an entire e-book

The table below shows which e-book platforms at UF have the option to download an entire e-book - whether in perpetuity or as a loan. For loans, you will need the software, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

E-Book Platform Whole book download Whole book loan
CABI   30 days
CABI archives yes  
EBL   1 day
Ebrary   14 days
EBSCO   varies
MyiLibrary   14 days
Springer yes  


Adobe Digital Editions

Download Adobe Digital Editions from here.

Adobe Digital Editions Loans

How do I know when my loan is due (or in other words, when the e-book will disappear)?

In Adobe Digital Editions, pull down the Reading menu and click on Item info

You will see the exact date and time the e-book will expire

Mobile Accessibility

The following platforms have various mobile device features

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