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Modern Caribbean: Microform Collections

This libguide gives an overview on the material that the Libraries at the University of Florida hold on nineteenth and twentieth century Caribbean history. For this libguide, the Caribbean includes the West Indies, the Guianas, and Belize.

Where do I find these?

Please check the call number below the microfilm. This will indicate  whether the microfilm is located in Library West or at the Latin American Collection in Library East.

Microfilm on Haiti: Primary Sources

Warning!! The link only takes you to the Libraries Catalog. Click on it to know if the item is available.

Microfilm on Haiti: Secondary Sources

Department of State Records at UF's Latin American Collection

Some finding aids are available at LAC Reference Counter. Most records fall into one of four categories: Consular Despatches, Decimal Files, Diplomatic Despatches, and Notes from Foreign Legations.

Consular Despatches:
  Georgetown, Demerara, 1801-1906. T336. 23              353.U58g            
    rolls .
Consular Despatches:
  Belize, 1847-1906. T334. 8 rolls.                                353.U58g
Consular Despatches:
  Antigua, Leeward Islands, 1794-1906. T327.                       
    9 rolls.                                                                  
  Barbados, 1823-1906. T333. 17 rolls.                         
  Bermuda, 1818-1906. T262. 11 rolls.                          
  Curacao, 1793-1906. T197. 13 rolls.                           
  Guadeloupe, 1802-1906. T208. 8 rolls.                       
  Kingston, Jamaica, 1796-1906. T31. 40 rolls.        
  Nassau, 1821-1906. T475. 24 rolls.                          
  Port Antonio, 1895-1906. T650. 1 roll.                   
  St. Bartholomew, 1799-1899. M72. 3 rolls.          
  St. Christopher, 1800-1906. T234. 3 rolls.             
  St. Eustatius, 1793-1838. T236. 1 roll.                     
  St. George, 1878-1906. T173. 1 roll.                        
  St. Martin, 1848-1906. T429. 3 rolls.                       
  St. Pierre, Martinique, 1790-1906. T431. 11 rolls.             
  Trinidad, 1824-1906. T148. 11 rolls.                         
  Turks Island, 1818-1906. T446. 18 rolls.                 
Records Relating to the Danish West Indies,
  1672-1860, Received From the Danish National
  Archives. T952. 19 rolls.                                    972.9722 R311
Diplomatic Despatches, 1902-6. T158. 18 rolls.     353.U58g
Notes from the Cuban Legation, 1844-1906. T800.            
  2 rolls. DP.                                                                       
Consular Despatches:
  Baracoa, 1827-46, 1878-99. T511. 3 rolls.              
  Cardenas, 1843-45, 1879-98. T583. 5 rolls.           
  Cienfuegos, 1876-1906. T548. 8 rolls.                    
  Havana, 1783-1906. T20. 133 rolls.                          
  Manzanillo, 1844-46. T613. 1 roll.                            
  Matanzas, 1820-99. T339. 17 rolls.                          
  Nuevitas, 1842-47, 1892-98. T588. 1 roll.              
  Porto Principe and Xibara, 1828-43. T567. 1        
    roll .                  
  Sagua la Grande, 1878-1900. T678. 6 rolls.                      
  San Juan de los Remedios, 1844-46, 1879-98.    
    T584. 2 rolls.                   353.U58g
  Santiago de Cuba, 1799-1906. T55. 17 rolls.        
  Trinidad, 1824-76. T699. 9 rolls.                
Decimal File:
  Internal Affairs [837]:
    1910-29. M488. 99 rolls. DP.                                    
  Relations with the U.S. [711.37]:
    1910-29. M509. 2 rolls. DP.                                      
    1910-29. M510. 1 roll. DP.                                        
Diplomatic Instructions, 1862-1906. M77. Rolls 95-            
  98, 152-155. DP.                                              E183.8.B7 U5491
Diplomatic Despatches, 1883-1906. M93. 15 rolls.
Notes from the Legations of the Dominican Re-
  public, 1844-1906. T801. 3 rolls.                               
Consular Despatches:
  Puerto Plata, 1875-1906. T662. 3 rolls.                  
  Samana, 1873-1905. T670. 2 rolls.                           
  Santo Domingo, 1837-1906. T56. 19 rolls.            
Decimal File:
  Internal Affairs [839]:
    1910-29. M626. 79 rolls.                                            
    1930-39. M1272. 37 rolls.                                           F1938.5.U
    1940 44. M1277. 20 rolls.                                           F1938.5.U
  Relations with Haiti [738.39]:
    1910-29. M612. Rolls 1-4.                                         
FRENCH GUIANA            
Consular Despatches:   
  Cayenne, 1801-97. T378. 1 roll.                                                                                           
  1862-1906. M77. Rolls 95-98. DP.                          E183.8.H2 U551             
(UF also has: Diplomatic Despatches, 1862-1906.              
  M-82. Rolls 1-47)                                                            353.U58g                            
Notes to the Haitian Legation, 1850-1906. M99. 
  Rolls 58-59.      
Notes from the Haitian Legation, 1861-1906. T803.                           
  6 rolls.                                                                                
Consular Despatches:   
  Aux Cayes, 1797-1874. T330. 4 rolls.                                  
  Cap Haitien, 1797-1906. M9. 17 rolls.                                
  Port-au-Prince, 1835-1906. T346. 10 rolls.                    
  St. Marc, 1861-91. T486. 1 roll.                                             
Decimal File:      
  Internal Affairs [838]:  
    1910-29. M610. 94 rolls. DP.                                               
    1930-39. M1246. 36 rolls.                                           F1926 U55          
  Relations with the U.S. [711.38]:            
    1910-29. M611. 2 rolls.                                               353.U58g            
  Relations with Other States [738]:         
    1910-29. M612. 4 rolls.                                                          
  Relations with Dominican Republic [738.39]:     
    1910-29. M612. Rolls 1-4.                                                     
  Records relating to political relations 1930-44    F1418.R3521 1988            
Consular Despatches:
  Puerto Rico, 1821-99. M76. 31 rolls.                               353.U58g
    San Juan, 1821-99. Rolls 2-21.
    Guayama, 1828-50. Rolls 22-23.
    Ponce, 1828-85. Rolls 24-28.
    Mayaguez, 1828-92. Rolls 29-31.

Microfilm from other Caribbean countries

Warning!! The link only takes you to the Libraries Catalog. Click on it to know if the item is available.

NACLA Archive Microfilm


NACLA Archive Microfilm

The NACLA Archive of Latin Americana is "composed of ephemera and serials relating to socioeconomic and political conditions in Latin America from the 1960s through the 1980s."

"The collection consists of 339 rolls of microfilm and is arranged by country and by subject, then chronologically internally. Not all countries will have materials for each topic. Researchers will find a complete list of the country's content at the beginning of the first roll pertaining to each country. Thereafter, each box will carry a listing of contents and in all cases each file has an introductory frame indicating the contents."

Information taken from the project's website at the New School for Social Research.

1) By country:

Argentina, 10 rolls
Bolivia, 5 rolls
Brazil, 6 rolls
Caribbean, 5 rolls
Central America, 16 rolls
Chile, 50 rolls
Colombia, 11 rolls
Costa Rica, 5 rolls
Cuba, 24 rolls
Dominican Republic, 18 rolls
Ecuador, 5 rolls
El Salvador, 30 rolls
Grenada, 2 rolls
Guatemala, 21 rolls
Guyana, 2 rolls
Haiti, 2 rolls
Honduras, 4 rolls
Jamaica, 2 rolls
Latin America, 47 rolls
Mexico, 16 rolls
Nicaragua, 20 rolls
Panama, 4 rolls
Paraguay, 2 rolls
Peru, 7 rolls
Puerto Rico, 8 rolls
Trinidad & Tobago, 2 rolls
Uruguay, 6 rolls
Venezuela, 3 rolls

2) Within each country, by subject:

  1. Politics
  2. Government
  3. Socioeconomic conditions
  4. Agriculture
  5. Solidarity groups
  6. Human & civil rights
  7. Church & religion


3) Within each subject, chronologically:

From the 1960's to the 1980's.

Subject Guide

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Margarita Vargas-Betancourt
Department of Special & Area Studies Collections

University of Florida

Phone: (352) 273-2692

Other Microfilm

Microfilm that you can get through interlibrary loan

UF does not have these items, but you can request them through ILL.

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