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Resources for ELI Students: Home

Guides to resources for the ELI community

What You'll Find Here

On this site, you will find links to University of Florida resources and help for ELI students, recommended  free websites for ELI students, book lists, and links to library resources. Here is a list of what is on each page: 

  1. UF Library Links and Information: This page contains links to web pages and resources for the UF Libraries, and information on how to check out materials. 
  2. Internet Links: Links to websites that are freely available, with no advertising, that provide users with information and activities on grammar, spelling, usage, and other ESL-related information. 
  3. Peterson's Test Prep: How to get to the Peterson's Test Prep database, which provides information and sample tests for TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT,LSAT, SAT and other tests, as well as information on finding and applying for scholarships. 
  4. IELTS E-Books: Direct links to IELTS guides
  5. Gainesville Community Resources: English learning resources in the general Gainesville community 
  6. How-To Guides: Downloadable guides to accomplishing library-related tasks 


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