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Resources for ELI Students: Internet Links

Guides to resources for the ELI community

ESL Links

Online links to resources that will help you learn the language

  1. Activities for ESL/EFL Students : Grammar quizzes, bilingual quizzes for a number of different languages, YouTube video links and more. Activities are grouped by reading level. 
  2. BBC Learning English: Resources for practicing English skills 
  3. Breaking News English: Current news stories for all reading levels, with questions and activities based on the stories. 
  4. Dave's ESL Cafe Grammar Lessons: Information on grammar rules 
  5. English as a Second Language: Listening, speaking and reading exercises, quizzes, grammar exercises and much more. 
  6. English as a Second Language Courses: Supplemental free lessons on English for work, listening, speaking, vocabilary and more. 
  7. Learning English as a Second Language: Quizzes, vocabulary lists. listening exercises, games and more.
  8. Librivox: Free public domain audiobooks.
  9. OWL/Purdue Writing and Grammar Exercises: Questions and answers in punctuation,spelling, sentence structure, and much more. 
  10. Self-Study Grammar Quizzes: Quizzes and answers for all levels. 
  11. Vocabulary Word Games: Spelling, grammar and other online learning games.

TOEFL Resources

  1. Free TOEFL Preparation Exercises: Online interactive TOEFL sample test and scoring 
  2. What is TOEFL?: Explanation of what to expect when taking the test, and several practice tests 
  3. TOEFL Home Page: Find information on when and where the TOEFL test is offered, register for the test, and more. 

  4. TOEFL Quick Prep: free interactive examples of real style TOEFL test questions, and  explanations of the purpose and layout of the test.
  5. TOEFL Eight Week Planner: Free PDF E-Book to help you plan and study for TOEFL.
  6. TOEFL Questions and Answers: Frequently asked questions and answers on taking the TOEFL test 
  7. TOEFL on YouTube: the official TOEFL YouTube channel, with videos on taking the test 

IELTS Links 

  1. IELTS: Official site for the IELTS in the United States- Information on registration and testing sites, preparation information for the test, and other information. 
  2. IELTS Buddy: Practice tests, test-taking strategies, and more.
  3. IELTS Exam: Exercises, practice tests, downloadable books, sample essays. etc. 
  4. IELTS Mentor: Sample tests, and extensive information on preparing for the test.
  5. IELTS Practice Tests: Online practice tests for all sections of the IELTS test. 
  6. Prepare for IELTS: Links to free practice tests, mobile apps, and other test praparation tools. 


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