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MS in Clinical Pharmacy: Databases

This guide is for students enrolled in the Online Clinical Pharmacy Program For International Pharmacists program

Free Mobile apps & resources

There are many more websites or apps out there.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  Unless I said there is a charge these are all free.   Some are the lite version of a product that is available for a fee.  Some are downloadable apps, while others are mobile friendly websites. 
There is a VPN APP for the iPhone. Go to for instructions on setting up the VPN on your iTouch or iPhone. They don't have instructions set up for Droids yet. 
1. PubMed for Handhelds and Mobile phones: 
(This version is not linked to our holdings) 
2. AccessPharmacy: After you have created a MyAccessPharmacy login and password, go to http://www.Accesspharmacy,com.  It will recognize that you
are on a handheld and will ask you to log in using your MyAccessPharmacy login.  It is not the full database, but does include the drug information and Dipiro's. It supports iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry Bold, and Google Android platforms.    
3. AIDSinfor for mobile phones from NIH:  .  Includes a glossary, information on AIDS drugs for professionals, patients and in Spanish.   
4.. MDConsult Mobile: 
      1.  Go to http:// from a computer within your institution. 
      2.  Click on Create an Account on the top right. 
      3.  Complete the registration form and create a unique username and password.  Then, click on
           Continue to submit your information. 
      4.  Logout of MD Consult. 
      5.  Using the web browser on your mobile device, go to MD Consult Mobile (  Login to MD Consult Mobile from your mobile browser using your new personal login 
5.  Micromedex Mobile
   For instructions: click on Handheld PDA tab or in Micromedex 2.0 click on the word Mobile
       Free mobile access and app for iPhone and iTouch using these instructions since we subscribe
6. Free iphone/iTouch apps ( if you are a registered user
   Epocrates ( free  version)
     PubMed on Tap Lite - free
         full version $2.99
         Searches PubMed & will link to the full text if we subscribe and you have the VPN turned on.


Database tutorials & Help

These are links to help provided by the actual database producers not the library. 

Databases: Top Picks

These are just a few of the databases available via the library. To see all the databases that are available via the HSC Library go to the HSC Library's Database Page.   There are also 2 documents in another section of this page that list more of the databases available via the libary and a number of free websites that you might find useful.   The free resources will be available to you after you graduate. 

Databases & Free Websites

There are two documents. One contains databases to which UF subscribes and the 2nd one is a list of free websites that you might find useful after you graduate, including ones that contain free full text journal articles.You need to double check the commercial drug information sites for their authoritativeness and currency. Check with your instructor for the acceptability of the .com sites before using for an assignment.

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