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Celebrating Cuba! Collaborative Digital Collections of Cuban Patrimony: Cuban Newspapers & Periodicals

Born-digital titles

The following titles are currently being published in Cuba:

Sierra Maestra (2011-2020), Horizontes del Bibliotecario (2014-2020), Revista Cubana de Física (2006-2020), Adelante (2016-2020), Vanguardia (2014-2020), Ámbito (2017-2019), Venceremos (2009-2011), Ahora! (2009-2020), Alma Mater (2006-2020)

Published in English, in the United States, the Cuban Newspapers and Periodicals collection is home to Cuba Standard Monthly (2012-2019), CubaNews (1998-2014), Cuba trade & investment news (2003-2011), and On Cuba Travel (2018-2019)

To grant permission to add your newspaper, please contact us or use the permissions form here.

This collection continues to add historical and current newspapers and periodicals through ongoing digitization and born-digital curation, expanding the geographic, temporal, political, and linguistic variety of the newspapers.


Digital (from paper and born digital) newspapers by region

The Cuban Newspapers & Periodicals digital collection ( houses an extraordinary digital collection of newspapers about Guantanamo. There are 11 different titles with dates ranging from 1948 to 2017, covering more than half a century of history and experience. Most of the titles are published in the by the United States Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay and they are an extraordinary resource to learn more about this city and region in Cuba.

(list update on December 2019)

Scope of the Cuban Newspapers and Periodicals collection

The Cuban Newspapers & Periodicals digital collection includes newspapers, yearbooks, scholarly journals, magazines, bulletins, newsletters, and periodicals published in Cuba, the United States, and other countries. The majority of these serials date from the 19th and 20th centuries, and the contents cover a broad variety of topics such as politics, science, religion, entertainment, literature, history, arts, and culture.


Historical newspapers

Pre-1900 serials in the digital collection

The two volumes (1808 and 1810) of Aurora : correo politico-económico de La Habana are the earliest dated serial volumes of the Cuban Collections of the University of Florida Digital Collections

Diario de la Marina issues, the largest digital collection of this daily newspaper published between 1844 and 1961.

Habana . Daily Marina Building - Diario de la Marina - Recto 

Visual of the building of the Diario de la Marina newspaper in Havana, Cuba, ca.1900s.

Published in Havana in the 1850s, the bi-weekly Floresta Cubanawill soon be part of the collection. 

Five issues of the 1882 daily La Libertad (access thought University of California, Los Angeles).

Issues across 1882 and 1883 of the Revista de las Antillas.

The La revista matancera semanario de literatura, ciencias, bellas artes, modas y actualidades​ from 1883, digitized by Harvard University. 

Two volumes, one for 1885 and one for 1888 of Ilustración cubana.

The bi-weekly Habana EleganteIssues for the years between 1885 and 1889

One issue of El Yara, published in Key West in 1889

Patriapublished in New York. Issues for the year 1892.

Almost three complete years of the Spanish República Cubana and French Republique Cubaine published in the 1890s in Havana and Paris. 


Serials pre-1959

Serials published in the twentieth century, pre-1959

Spare 1912 issues of the following newspapers (all published in Havana, Cuba).

The daily La Prensa.

La Discusión.

The English publication The Havana Post.

Cuba (Edición de la tarde) 

La Lucha.

El Triunfo

El Día.

La Noche

The Celebrating Cuba! Project is one of the largest repositories of key Cuban publications that started publishing before the Revolution of 1959. The Cuban Collections of the University of Florida Digital Collections hold the following titles:

Issues between 1910 and 1915 of Revista bimestre cubana, published by the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País. 

1918 issues of the newspaper Imparcial can be accessed here. 

The poetry publications Clavileño and Amigos as well as documents related and photographs of Cuban writer José Lezema Lima are gather in the record Todo Lezema. This archive cover dates between 1910 and 1976. 


Serials pre-1959

Over two decades (1919-1935) of issues of the popular magazine Carteles.

Issues published between 1917 and 1940 of the satirical publication La política cómica are available here.

El Crisol's issues for the years 1934 through 1936 are accessible in the Cuban Newspapers and Periodicals collection

Explore the issues of the Cuban-Chinese publication Man Sen Yat Po for the years between 1947 and 1958 here (access thought University of California, Los Angeles).

One of the largest collections of newspapers in the Cuban Newspapers and Periodicals is BohemiaThe Cuban Collections of the University of Florida Digital Collections hold   4,835 issues across more than a century from 1910 to 2013

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