Celebrating Cuba! Collaborative Digital Collections of Cuban Patrimony

Celebrating Cuba!

Celebrating Cuba! Collaborative Collections of Cuban Patrimony seeks to advance and centralize current digital surrogates of Cuban historical and cultural material with the ultimate goal of providing global access to Cuba’s patrimony.


Celebrating Cuba! currently contains more than one million pages organized in ten different collections: Cuban Newspapers and PeriodicalsArchives and Manuscripts of and about CubaCuban MonographsCuban EphemeraCuban LawCuban Thinkers and Intellectual Leaders, Maps of Cuba, Theses and Dissertations about Cuba, U.S. Government Publications about Cuba, and Cuban Judaica. This is the result of more than three years of collaborative work between the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida (https://cms.uflib.ufl.edu/) and Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí (BNJM, http://www.bnjm.cu/) as well as other partner universities and contributors in the United States such as Cornell University, Duke University, Florida International University, Harvard University, HistoryMiami, Kent State University, Library of Congress (US), LLMC-Digital, New York Public Library, University of California Los Angeles, University of Kentucky, University of Miami, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Yale University.

Materials are available at BNJM and through Celebrating Cuba! (www.ufdc.ufl.edu/CUBA) which is part of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC, www.dLOC.com). Digital files are also available to partner institutions who wish to locally host materials. Specific current priority projects and links to digital collections for each one are below. If you are interested in learning more about specific initiatives or wish to participate in one or more of the projects, please contact CubaSteering@uflib.ufl.edu.


Quarterly Celebrating Cuba! Reports

The Celebrating Cuba! team produces four reports a year that detail major achievements for each of the collections' goals. The 2019 reports in Spanish and English are available in the University of Florida Digital Collections' Cuban Collections site. Also, users may access the reports by following the links below:


Enero - Abril, 2019       Mayo - Julio, 2019    Junio - Septiembre, 2019 Septiembre - Diciembre, 2019
January - April, 2019       May - July, 2019   June - September, 2019 September - December, 2019


Enero - Marzo 2020 Mayo - Junio, 2020 Julio - Septiembre, 2020 Octubre - Diciembre, 2020
January - March 2020 May - June, 2020 July - September, 2020 October - December, 2020


Enero - Marzo, 2021 Mayo - Junio 2021 Julio - Septiembre 2021 Octubre - Diciembre 2021
January - March, 2021      


General Timeline of Cuban History since 1500

Caribbean History Dictionary

Term Description
Hispaniola ‘Hispaniola’ was the English version of the name given to the island by Columbus in1492. It fell out of use until it was revived by the US Hydrographic Department in the 1930s(see Montague,1940). It is not ideal, but it is frequently necessary to have one name to describe the territory that embraces two countries, and other words are confusing. ‘Haiti’ is an Amerindian word that originally described the whole island, but by the end of the nineteenth century it referred only to the western part, and ‘Santo Domingo’ in the nineteenth century could mean either the eastern part of the whole island (‘San Domingo’ was a corruption of Santo Domingo used by US officials) [Source: Bulmer-Thomas, V. The Economic History of the Caribbean Since the Napoleonic Wars. Cambridge University Press, 2012]


Institutional partners of the Celebrating Cuba! Project

Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí

The partnership and collaboration between BNJM and UF go back to 2012 when Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas and Dean Judith Russell signed an agreement in Gainesville, Florida, by which BNJM joined the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) as a partner. Both parties agreed to digitize and to make Cuban published material freely accessible in dLOC and the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). The agreements generated an immensely fruitful collaboration that has made thousands of pages of serials uniquely held at BNJM available worldwide:

Revista Cubana de Derecho Carteles                     La Habana Elegante    Bohemia                    
El Crisol Prensa Libre Patria Diario de la Marina
Lunes de revolución Revista INRA Revista Cayo Hueso  

Oficina del Historiador

The convenio between the Oficina del Historiador and UF was signed in 2016. 

Patronato de la Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea y Gran Sinagoga Bet Shalom



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