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Precision Dentistry

This Library Guide is a collaborative effort of librarians from the University's of Iowa and Florida. It provides a brief introduction on  precision medicine to provide context to precision dentistry.

FOR RESEARCHERS:  Precision methods combine genetic, lifestyle and environmental  data to uncover new insights.- This resource seeks to provide links to important data sets and sources to inform precision dental/oral health research.  Additionally there is information about data-driven; research tools, videos, repositories, data sharing and how to publish data sets.  

FOR LIBRARIANS:  A special section provides information about librarian roles in supporting data-driven research methods 

Fundamental of Precision Medicine


“There is an enormous opportunity and potential for dentistry to realize the benefit from the fundamental principles of precision medicine”- Kimon Divaris D.D.S. 

  • Precision Medicine(PM) contrasts a one-size-fits-all approach to individualize treatments and prevention strategies to those most likely to benefit from them
  • Three factors of individual variability (genetics, lifestyle and environment ) are collected
  • These factors are analyzed to provide a more accurate prediction of what treatment and prevention methods are most likely to benefit which populations
  • PM concepts are not new (blood transfusions by blood type) 
  • Until now PM principles have lacked wide-spread adoption 




Image credit: National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine: What is Precision Medicine?


Drivers of Precision

Integration of Oral Health Data and "Omics"


Precision in healthcare utilizes data-driven methods to integrate data sets from multiple sources  with genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors to uncover new insights. In dentistry precision methods have revealed new connections between oral and systematic health. This image illustrates some of the data and biological sources precision dental researchers may integrate to uncover new insights about early childhood caries. 




Image Credit: Precision Dentistry: Genes for Smiles (

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