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A guide to emerging and traditional educational technologies available through the Education Library including, printing and scanning, die cut machine, and 360 cameras.

Want to Request Software? Having problems?

All of the PCs and Macs in the Education Library are managed by UF Academic Technology (AT), providing students and faculty access to the very extensive list of software also available at all of the AT Computing Labs on campus:

If you have problems with one of the Smathers Libraries' public computers or want to request a software program that is not available on the aforementioned list, you can submit a Help Request here:

Education Library Computers

1st Floor Computers

PCs, 2 zSpace, and 2 Mac computers are available in the Education Library's first floor computer lab.

PC computers are located throughout the Education Library Computer Lab. The two MAC computers are located in the back right corner of the Computer Lab.

2nd Floor Computers

Dual Monitor PCs are available on the 2nd floor of the Education Library.

Each PC computer located on the second floor is equipped with dual monitors.

Computer Locations

1st Floor Computer Lab

There is a computer lab located on the first floor to the far right of the Education Library entrance.

The Computer Lab has 20 computers, 18 PCs and 2 MACs.

2nd Floor Computers

Computers with dual monitors are located to the right and left of the staircase.

There are 24 dual monitor computers located on the Education Library's second floor.

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