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English Language Institute: TOEFL, Reference & Articles

A guide for English Language Institute library services.

TOEFL Practice

The Education Library provides access to the Testing & Education Reference Center (Gale). You can study and practice the TOEFL and other standardized tests in electronic book format with this database. Because the libraries pay for access to this, while you are in the ELI program, you can only use it from on campus.

TOEFL Test Prep

Reference Material

Librarians understand that not everyone wants to visit the library to find answers to basic questions, such as:

  1. What newspapers are in Gainesville?
  2. How do I cite documents used for a paper?
  3. What is the capital of Ghana?

Instead, you may visit Google or other search engines. However, using these search engines may not be effective, or quickly lead to the answer. To help with this, Librarians have pulled together openly available and free websites that provide credible and good information. Visit the Fast Internet Reference Sources page to see what resources can help answer your questions.


According to a database is, "a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer."

Dertermining which database to use for finding articles is an important step in the research process. Please note that:

  • Databases can be for many fields of study, or for just one field.
  • Databases have articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, reviews, reports and/or book articles.
  • Databases can cover different date ranges.
  • Many databases contain full text content which enables you to view the full article online.
  • Because the libraries pay for access to these databases, while you are in the ELI program, you can only use them from the university wireless network, a library computer, or campus computer.
  • You can begin your research using a database, like Academic Search Premier, for many fields of study.
  • Ask a Librarian, or other library staff, for help.
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