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Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs): Undergraduate Honors Theses


The Institutional Repository at UF (the IR@UF) includes the Undergraduate Honors Theses collection. During their graduating term*, Honors students are invited to submit their their final Honors project for inclusion in this collection. This is a free service of the UF Libraries. After students who have completed their submission graduate with Honors, the Libraries will add their works to the IR@UF and email a permanent link to them that they can include in applications, résumés, social media, or share with friends, colleagues, and family.

Honors degree requirements vary by department, so be sure to check with your advisor and/or undergraduate coordinator to see whether your department requires you to submit your thesis or other project to the IR@UF.

Your Honors thesis or project must have received final approval from your thesis sponsor and/or department before you submit it to the Libraries (approval practices vary by department). Please do not submit your work before it is completely finalized. Any changes you need to make after you complete your Libraries submission require explicit approval from your thesis advisor/sponsor/mentor or appropriate department staff.

*Students in the Medical Honors Program complete their theses during their third undergraduate year because they start their first year of medical school during their last year as undergraduates.

The Basics

Guidelines vary by degree program

Be sure to talk to your thesis or project advisor and/or your department's Honors coordinator about department-specific guidelines and their deadline for submission. Departments can set their own deadlines for Libraries submissions and we can provide them with a list of successful submissions after the department's deadline passes.

Libraries' default submission deadlines

  • Spring 2024 Graduates - April 26
  • Summer 2024 Graduates - August 2

Important: If your department requires you to defend your thesis or project, your Libraries submission deadline might be different. Please contact your faculty advisor or Honors coordinator if you do not already know your department's deadline for Libraries submissions.

Graduation requirements

Libraries: Deadlines to submit to the Libraries will not affect your graduation unless your department requires a completed Libraries submission.

Department: Deadlines to submit your Honors thesis/project to your department might affect your graduation.

Submission assistance

Department: Contact your academic mentor and/or your department's undergrad coordinator.

Libraries: Contact the submissions team at or 352-294-3785.

Submitting to the Libraries

  • For most departments, you must submit the final version of your work to the department for approval before you can graduate summa cum laude or magna cum laude.
    • Your faculty advisor and/or your department’s undergrad coordinator can tell you whether you must submit a thesis or other terminal project.
  • For preservation purposes, you need to submit the approved version of your Honors work to the Libraries.
  • When you are completing the Libraries' online submission form, you have the option of including your work in the Undergraduate Honors Theses collection in the Institutional Repository (IR@UF).
    • You also have several options for restricting access to your thesis or project; see the document linked below for details.
  • If you unfortunately fail to graduate with Honors but your faculty advisor accepted your Honors thesis or project, we can include it in our Undergraduate Works collection. Please email to let us know that you want to take advantage of this service.

Thesis or project file(s):

  • For traditional research papers, essays, and articles, please submit a standard PDF file.
    • "Standard" here means a plain PDF saved from Microsoft Word or another word processor.
    • Please:
      • Do not include any departmental or college forms in your thesis or project file(s).
      • Do not scan a printed copy of your work to send to us.
  • Media, dataset, and other types of submissions must conform to the acceptable formats list.

If necessary, please upload a signed letter (or letters) of permission to quote or reproduce copyrighted material for all copyrighted material included beyond fair use (i.e., entire graphics and large portions of text or data where someone else holds the copyright). If you cannot get the answer you need from the copyright guide, you can email your question(s) to

  • As the (an) author of the work, you do not need to submit a Permission to Quote form.
  • You also do not need to upload a grant of permission form; the online form collects your permission agreement.
  • If you have co-authors who are not UF employees or graduate students, you will need a signed Honors Co-author Grant of Permissions from them.

NOTE: For our purposes, only list co-authors who contributed substantial writing (including code) to the work. Do not include research collaborators, reviewers, or editors. Use your acknowledgements or dedication to thank them.

Please do not submit your Honors thesis or project until you have final approval of your work from your department.

Write to us at if you have any questions while you are preparing your Honors submission to the Libraries.

  • Keep copies of your work and the form(s) that you submit to your department.
  • Submit your work and any required forms to your department by their deadline.
    • Requirements vary by department. Be sure that you understand yours well before their deadline.
  • Rename your thesis or project file using this format: Lastname_Firstname_Honors_Thesis/Project
    • If you are submitting permission from co-authors or to exceed fair use, please keep the filenames relatively short, include no punctuation other than _, and end them with _archive
      • Example: Alligator_Alberta_permission_to_exceed_fair_use_archive
  • After you log in with your GatorLink credentials, complete the online form at to submit your work to the Libraries by our deadline (see the Basics box on the left for deadlines). If you are not using a campus computer, connect to the VPN.

Note: If you see an Honors level that seems wrong to you, or no Honors level at all, please do not be concerned. The form uses the Honors pre-certification data. Not all colleges/schools enter that data and the final Honors level is occasionally different from what colleges enter for pre-certification.

  • If your project file is larger than 50 MB, you will not be able to upload it to the form. Please do not compress the file; instead, send a OneDrive link to and we will assist you. There is effectively no file size limit and we want to archive the highest possible quality version of your work.
  • Publishing your work in the IR@UF is a free service
  • You get a permanent link to your Honors project that can help you:
    • Enhance résumés and applications
    • Show off to friends and family
    • Support ongoing scholarship by enabling others to cite your work in their own
  • Including your work in the IR helps improve and sustain UF's reputation as a leading research university
    • Prospective students can see the variety and strength of undergraduate research opportunities at UF
Who should I list as co-authors?

Items in the Honors collection are treated similarly to graduate-level theses and dissertations, except that you can work with a co-author (co-creator). Unlike articles in scientific journals, you should only list people who contributed substantially to the writing. Use your acknowledgements section to list people who helped with the research itself.

What if my mentor/advisor is not in my college?
All you need to enter for a mentor is their name and their primary organizational affiliation (department or school at UF or other academic institutions; unit of government; non-profit organization; or business).
When do I need to upload a signed grant of permissions form?
First, you do not need to sign and upload a form yourself. The online submission form collects your permission agreement.
If you have a co-author who is not a UF employee or graduate student, you need a signed form from them. If you have included enough content copyrighted by someone else that you have exceeded fair use, you need a signed form from them.
What do I do if my thesis/project file is too large for my web browser to upload?
Although there is no size limit for your submission, many browsers time out trying to upload files larger than 10-15 MB. If your browser is failing to upload your file, please share it with OneDrive and send the link to You can upload a dummy file, text, Word, or PDF to complete the form. Feel free to include a note mentioning the large file transfer, or just leave the file empty.
What problems should I check for before I submit my thesis/project file?
Before you upload your thesis/project file, check to ensure that:

  • It is the exact version that your advisor and/or department approved.
  • It is in PDF format.
  • You created the PDF directly from Word or another text tool and did not scan a printout.
  • No tracked changes or comments are present.
  • Your margins are at least .5" (make table pages portrait orientation if needed).
  • References are single-spaced.
  • Your name appears as it will on your diploma.
  • Your UFID is not present.
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