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Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs): Projects in Lieu of Theses

Project In Lieu of Thesis (PILOTs)

In 2009, the IR@UF began to host projects in lieu of thesis and non-thesis terminal projects. These projects fall outside the normal processing of the Graduate Editorial Office and the Libraries work directly with the colleges and departments to load these items. These projects often include non-traditional formatting and/or audio, video or other types of content beyond text.

For more, including submission guidelines, see:

If necessary, authors must provide their departments with a signed letter (or letters) of permission to quote or reproduce copyrighted material for all copyrighted material included beyond fair use (e.g. large portions of information or data where someone else holds the copyright). If you cannot get the answer you need from the copyright guide, you can email your question(s) to

  • If you are the sole copyright holder of your work, you do not need to submit a permission to quote form.
  • If you have co-authors who are not UF faculty, staff, or graduate students, you will need a signed grant of permissions from them.
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