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Wellness events and resources

HSCL Wellness Programs

Wellness Materials Available Daily:

  • Puzzle: located beneath the first floor stairs, this puzzle table always features a new puzzle to complete with friends

  • Wellness and Graphic Medicine Book Collection: located beneath the first floor stairs, this collection features graphic medicine materials (blue star) and wellness book materials (gold and silver star)

  • Coloring Kit: located on the bookshelf beneath the first floor stairs, this coloring kit is perfect for a quick coloring break! The kit contains coloring pages, blank paper, blank comic pages, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Please return them to the original location when you are done!

  • MetroNap Energy Pods: located on the second floor of the library, these energy pods offer a timed 20 minute nap experience. Usage is first come, first served. 

  • Underdesk Exercisers: located in the southwest corner of the first floor, these underdesk exercisers can be moved to any desk location. Please return them to the original corner when you are done!

Weekly Wellness Programs: 

  • Meditation: for more information on the wellness programming offered through the library, check out the Meditation tab of this webpage or attend a Wednesday meditation session

Wellness Programs Offered Every Semester: 

  • Therapy Dogs
  • Coffee and Healthy Snacks Pop-Up

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