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HSCL Wellness: Local Resources

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UF and UF Health Campus Walking Routes

If you're in the library and need to take a study break, check out these walking trails:

Walking routes

UF and UF Health Wellness Videos

Fridge and Microwave Locator

Who can use it?
Where is it?
What is there?
Dental Student Lounge

Room CG-14

Use most recent Gator 1 card

4 Microwaves

2 Fridges

Graduate Student Lounge

Grad Students/Ph.D/M.S.

Room CG-74

Use most recent Gator 1 card



Professional Student Lounge

HSC Students

Room CG-18

Combination code entry

2 Microwaves
Anyone Shands Cafeteria 2 Microwaves


How to Find Health Science Center Room Numbers

The first letter in a room number indicates the Building (or sometimes the Department, or College) that the room is in. Example: C1-11 would be in the Communicore Building.
If there is a G after the first letter of the room number this indicates that the room is on the Ground Floor. Example: MG = (Med Sci Building-Ground), DG = (Dental-Ground), etc., all identify a room on the Ground Floor.
A number: 1 (or 2, 3, or whatever) in the second position indicates the Floor that the room is on. Example: C2-33 = Communicore Building, 2nd Floor, Room #33.
The last part of the number is the actual Room Number. Example: C1-11 is Communicore Building, 1st Floor, Room #11

Other Building Abbreviations

ARB = Academic Research Building (Rooms begin with R)

BSB = Biomedical Sciences Building (Rooms begin with B)

COM = Communicore (HSC Library, HSC News Office, IT Center - Rooms begin with C)

DEN = Dental Science Building (Rooms begin with D)

Hospital = (Rooms begin with H). These are mostly Shands / UF Administrative Offices

HPNP = Health Professions, Nursing, & Pharmacy Building (Rooms say HPNP)

MBI & UFBI = McKnight Brain Institute (Rooms begin with L)

PSB = Shands Patient Services

VMEC = Vet Med Educational Center

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