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About This LibGuide

Welcome to UF's Genomic Data Processing LibGuide, your robust hub for navigating the intricacies of processing genomic data. Whether you're embarking on a short read, long read, or hybrid approach, this guide is intended to be your starting point for mastering de novo assembly and alignment processes. Our primary focus is to demystify these crucial steps and introduce you to the key programs and techniques essential for success in the field.


Alongside these workflows, we offer a dedicated FAQ section to address common queries and provide you with a solid starting point. Additionally, we've compiled a glossary of key terminology to help you decode the jargon of genomic data processing.


As you delve into this guide, please keep in mind that the information provided is not exhaustive and may adapt to varying data and parameters. For further exploration, our References and Resources page offers a wealth of additional information to supplement your journey through the world of genomic data processing.


Thank you for visiting our LibGuide, and let's embark on this genomic adventure together!

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