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Smathers Libraries Grants Program

Call for Proposal

Please reach out to Jane Barnwell at with your Special Opportunity Project idea as soon as possible! 

Proposal submissions are due by close of business Friday, March 8, 2024 and must include: 

- Signed cover sheet 

- Completed application template

- Proposed budget  

For more Information

For examples of funded proposals from the last 5 years, click here. For older SOP proposals, please search the IR
For information on the Grants Management Committee, click here.

What is new with SOPs? 

- New name! SOP now stands for Special Opportunity Project.

- Application guidelines (FAQs) to answer your questions. 

- Defined clear template to guide you through your submission. 

- Maximum award is now $10,000.

Special Opportunity Program (SOP) Grants Guidelines and Forms

The Special Opportunity Project (SOP) Grant is open to all faculty and staff from the Smathers Libraries. This program has been designed to provide a supportive environment for those who wish to gain experience conceptualizing, writing, and administering grant projects. Successful grant projects are competitively selected and are funded and administered by the University of Florida Libraries Grant Management Committee. The SOP is intended to replicate, as much as possible, the process of writing and submitting grant proposals to external funding agencies. 

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