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The UF Libraries Grants Management Program supports the research and training of students and library faculty; and all processes related to submission and management of Libraries' grant funded projects.


Welcome to the UF Libraries' Grants and Fellowships Opportunities LibGuide! These resources will help you search and find valuable information about: deadlines, funding agencies, books, articles, and tools for supporting your grants seeking activities.

Philosophical Ideas about Grantsmanship


From my perspective, grantsmanship includes the process by which an idea is converted to a story about an opportunity to fill a gap, or eliminate a need, or solve a problem, or research new ways to do these things. If the “story” gets funded, dollars provide the fuel to actualize the idea. Grantseeking, to do it well, requires a series of systems within an organization that supports its grantseekers in every aspect of the process. Searching for grant opportunities, and reading grant guidelines should be continuous. Activities for brainstorming fundable ideas should be regular occurrences. Workshops on specific funding opportunities should be provided to potential organization grantseekers. Assistance in developing project teams and identifying organizational assets that can contribute to the development of grant project idea should be organized and supported. Working with partners on collaborative grantseeking opportunities should be the norm, not the exception. Providing coordinated post award management assistance to bring awarded projects to successful completion ensures that the project team has necessary support for all of the various changes that occur during a project’s grant period.

So this work is essentially one of the most creative and rewarding activities on the planet. It offers a chance to organize words and numbers into cohesive ideas that attract the interest of investors (funders or sponsors) who provide funds to change people’s lives. I consider it a privilege to work in this field…planting seeds…watching crops grow to maturity…and facilitating the actualization of dreams.

Bess de Farber, July 2020 

(Bess de Farber retired from the Smathers Libraries on April 2022) 

Smathers Libraries Grants News

Award - Ethnic Florida and US Caribbean Region Digital Newspaper Project (cash: $221,124 with additional submission of supplemental request of $20,058; cost share: $57,199) The project team in partnership with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) plans to select, digitize and make available to the Library of Congress 100,000 historic newspaper pages through the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Approximately a third of these pages will be ethnic papers published in Florida, a third published in the US Panama Canal Zone (held in the UF Panama Canal Museum Collection) and a third published in the US Virgin Islands. While the project consists of newspapers from three discrete regions within Florida and the Caribbean Basin, the common thread running throughout this proposal emphasizes expanding access to information detailing the racial and economic disparities that existed among under-represented populations in the geographic regions of focus. National Endowment for the Humanities – National Digital Newspaper Program

Award -  Middle Grade and Young Adult Books with Black, Indigenous People and People of Color: Where are they? (Round 2 Full Proposal) - (cash: $427,100; cost share $434,404) The project team, in partnership with Bates College and California State University-Fresno, with promotional support from state library associations, seeks $427,100 to enhance the discoverability of middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) novels featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) characters. The two primary goals of this project are to: 1) create a database that identifies not just who are included in MG/YA books featuring BIPOC characters, but how they are represented and 2) to create a freely available analysis tool that can easily be used by librarians to analyze the diversity of their own MG/YA novel collections. Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant, Community Catalyst Implementation

Award - Planning for Open Grants: Fostering a Transparent and Accessible National Research Proposal Infrastructure (Round 2 Full Proposal)- (cash: $99,833; cost share: $41,218) The project team seeks to: (1) convene diverse groups of stakeholders so that a multifaceted research ecosystem is represented throughout the planning process; (2) investigate the scale of challenges and solutions in establishing an open grants repository; and (3) develop a metadata schema and aggregation plan for organizing grant proposals. Although open practices have increased transparency in many aspects of research, such as publications (e.g. open access and preprints), statistical analyses (e.g. code-sharing practices and platforms), and materials (e.g. data repositories, reporting standards), the research funding ecosystem remains largely opaque. Although open practices have increased transparency in many aspects of research, such as publications (e.g. open access and preprints), statistical analyses (e.g. code-sharing practices and platforms), and materials (e.g. data repositories, reporting standards), the research funding ecosystem remains largely opaque. Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant, National Digital Platform Planning


Smathers Libraries Grants News

Award- Redressing Native American Oral Histories: Revitalization, Repatriation, and Responsible Sharing of Digital Cultural Heritage (cash: $200,000; cost share: $20,142) In partnership with the UF Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP), the project team seeks to digitize and make accessible oral history interviews of its Native American History Project collection comprising 967 interviews recorded on audio cassette tapes housed within the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program. The project is organized into six stages: 1) creation of a comprehensive inventory and database for the collection; 2) completion of vended digitization of all items in the collection; 3) audio optimization for digitized files; 4) completion of transcriptions of the audio files; 5) development of metadata and ingestion of digitized items into the University of Florida Digital Collections; and, 6) determination of permissions, delivery of digitized files to tribal organizations, and coordination to determine public and private access. Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Award- Monographs of Cuban Heritage for Public Access – (cash: $9,952; cost share: $10,577) The project team, in partnership the Davis Library at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC), plan to digitize approximately 70,000 pages of Latin American and Caribbean content including approximately 307 titles, including 42 rare Cuban monograph titles held at the Libraries and UNC.  All of the targeted Cuban heritage titles have been deemed rare due to scarce availability among holding institutions as determined through the findings of an international survey. The monograph holdings for digitization included in this proposal are 37 reels of 35mm microfilm and eight sheets of microfiche held by the two partner institutions. Unlike other digitization projects, this one features monographs rather than newspapers. Center on Research Libraries (CRL), Latin American Materials Project (LAMP)

Award - Digitizing FL Newspapers for Public Use (cash: $53,040; cost share: $17,738) The project team, in partnership with four Florida Multitype Library Consortium institutions, plan to broaden the historical and geographical coverage of the Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL) hosted by the Libraries, by providing public digital access to an additional 200,000 pages of pre-1928, Florida historical newspapers. This project will: 1) select and digitally convert up to 230 reels of microfilm containing 72 titles, representing37 Florida counties, to a digital format (see attached document "Newspaper Titles List") 2) ingest the digitized items into the UF Florida Digital Newspaper Library; 3) provide statewide training library personnel on how to access and use FDNL, focusing on the newly digitized historic titles as examples of unique primary resources available through this collection; 4) update catalog records to include name authority formats to publisher and editor names, contributing names to Name Authority Cooperative Program standards (NACO) where none exist 5) provide redundant storage for the collection’s preservation in perpetuity; 6) conduct pre- and post-training surveys for training participants; 7)publicize and promote newly digitized newspapers and the FDNL to the citizens of Florida; and, 8) offer new digital files to the State Library for use in Florida Memory, and other repositories. Florida Dept. of State, Division of Library and Information Services, Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)

Award - Killers of the Dream: Papers of Lillian E. Smith – (cash to UGA: $81,727; cash to UF: $0) The University of Georgia Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library (UGA-applicant), in partnership with the Smathers Libraries, seek to digitize and enhance description of correspondence and manuscripts of speeches by writer and civil rights activist Lillian E. Smith. Now dispersed across eight archival collections, the digitized files will be available together through the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) and Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). These collections complement other digital resources available in DLG and DPLA, such as the North Georgia Review, South Today, Pseudopodia, all published by Smith and her partner Paula Snelling, and the Civil Rights Digital Library.  National Historic Publications and Records Commission, Access to Historical Records: Archival Projects

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