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Grants and Fellowships: Funding Opportunities: Grants Management Committee (GMC) Information

The UF Libraries Grants Management Program supports the research and training of students and library faculty; and all processes related to submission and management of Libraries' grant funded projects.

Grants Management Committee (GMC) Governing Documents

In conjunction with Libraries leadership, the Grants Management Committee:
  • Facilitates a positive and open culture that encourages and supports grantsmanship within the Libraries;
  • Defines the components for a successful grants and contracts program;
  • Defines the steps in the grant process, focusing on establishing clear and easy lines of communication and maintaining a straightforward process for grant preparation and proposal review;
  • Establishes a procedure for periodic review of grants that allows the Grants Management Committee to remain informed of progress on projects.

Current GMC Membership (2021-2022)

Ilana Abend-David (Cataloging and Discovery Services) 

Ann Baird (Architecture & Fine Arts)

Chelsea Dinsmore (Digital Support Services)

Ann-Marie Hollingshead (Business Services)

Douglas Kiker (Acquisitions & Collections Services)

Amy Buhler (Marston Science Library)

Terry Selfe (Health Science Center Library)

Neil Weijer (Special & Area Studies Collections)

Michael Dietz (Library West) 

Todd Digby (Library Technology Services) - Chair

Library Grants Program Manager ex officio member (Human Resources)

Brian Keith ex officio member (Human Resources)


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