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Records management information for University of Florida employees responsible for public records.

Research Records and Data

Research records and data must abide by any and all applicable federal, state, and organizational statutes and policies. Records must be retained per the longest applicable retention period regardless of where that retention policy may be coming from. The links below outline important policies, documents, and guidelines for the maintenance and disclosure of research records and data.

Please note best efforts are made to ensure these resources are current and active.

Principle Investigator Leaving UF

Per UF’s Intellectual Property Policy: “In accordance with recognized scientific research procedures, University Personnel are required to record all research data and information accurately and clearly and to keep all such data in a permanent and retrievable form. In addition, with regard to a patentable Invention, original laboratory data must be kept for the life of the patent. University Personnel must also securely store tangible property (such as, biological materials, chemical compounds, and computer discs) related to an Invention or Work to which the University has asserted or may assert its ownership rights. Personnel who leave the University may be permitted to copy their laboratory notebooks and other research data and take the copies with them, and take samples of tangible property with them, although they are required to maintain the confidentiality of the data contained within the notebooks and the tangible property pursuant to this Intellectual Property Policy. The original notebooks and other research data will remain at the University.”

Prior to transferring to another institution, departing PI’s will need to determine where and with whom research records and data will reside at the University of Florida. It is recommended that PI’s work with their department to ensure the necessary records and/or data are retained appropriately. This process may also involve Information Technology staff and any other applicable personnel. PI’s will also be advised to submit a Records Disposition Request to the University Records Manager to document that any and all applicable records will remain at the University of Florida, who is taking custodianship over the records and/or data, and where the records and/or data will physically reside.

Disposing of Grant Records and Data

In addition to record retention schedules set by the State of Florida, the Office for Human Research Protections also outlines federal requirements under 45 CFR part 46. In addition to these requirements, some federal agencies also have their own requirements for record retention. Please be aware of any terms set out in the grant agreement that may affect record retention, and always read any related administrative codes completely to ensure you are abiding by all aspects of the law. For more on this, please see the Office of Research’s Federal Agency Grant & Contract website. In order to receive destruction approval, you will need to provide proof that the grant or project has officially been closed out by an applicable agency, office or review board. Grant records should never be destroyed until all granting agency requirements have been met. Retention requirements may vary based on several different factors, and the retention periods listed below may not be appropriate for your grant or project. Grant records and data must be retained per the longest applicable retention period as described below or by contract or law.

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