Records Management at the University of Florida

Records management information for University of Florida employees responsible for public records.


This guide is designed to provide basic information about records management and does not cover every applicable law, policy, or procedure. You should contact the University Records Manager ( for more information.

Records Management at the University of Florida

Records management is the systematic and administrative control of records through out their life cycle to ensure efficiency and economy in their creation, use, handling, control, maintenance, and disposition. The University Records Manager is responsible for developing University-wide records management policies and services, maintaining records retention schedules, and for assisting with the collection and preservation of selected University records and associated materials of the University.

The State of Florida defines public records through record retention schedules which describe a record or series of records and assigns a retention period [Chapter 1B-24, F.A.C.] State law also outlines requirements for the disposal of public records and assigns these responsibilities to a designated Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO.) The University Records Manager fulfils this requirement and liaises with the Division of Library and Information Services.

Records are information fixed on any media. As an employee of the University, any information you create or receive during your employment that has anything to do with University business belongs to the University. The University of Florida is required by state law to make available, preserve, and safeguard public records which document University functions, policies, procedures and decisions and those that protect the legal and financial rights of the University. Management of public records is one of the many administrative functions assigned to all university entities and their staff.


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