Records Management at the University of Florida

Records management information for University of Florida employees responsible for public records.

Record Destruction Process

1. Identify

Identify any records or data (regardless of format) that may be eligible for disposal. If you have any questions regarding retention schedules or the potential archival value of a record or group of records, please contact the University Records Manager.

2. Records Disposition Request

Fill out a Records Disposition Request form and submit it to for review. If the University Records Manager has any questions regarding the content of the request you will be contacted for further clarification. A copy of the disposition request and other related documents are located here.

3. Review and Approval

Following approval of the request, the University Records Manager will return the form to you via email (or hardcopy if you prefer.) At this time you are welcome to make disposal arrangements for the records. (More on arranging disposal services below.) 

4. Records Disposal

Only once the records have been disposed of, will you complete Box 7, Column G and Box 9 signifying the materials were disposed of and the request is complete. You will need to return the original and completed request to the University Records Manager for inclusion in the official record. You are encouraged to maintain a copy of the disposition request for your own records.

Arranging Destruction Services

Shred-It is authorized to provide destruction and disposal services for restricted and sensitive documents/data in any format including paper, videos, computer tapes and hard drives. Shred-It can provide either on-premise or local off-premise destruction or disposal service; and, account pricing will be based on the service option that is chosen. Shred-It provides shredding for a higher level of document destruction for the most sensitive material. See the Procurement Services’ webpage for more information.

For non-confidential documents, Facilities Services can dispose of most paper materials. Please visit their website for more detailed information.

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