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Health humanities and nature-based therapies: Medical Humanities Pathway

This guide serves as a resource site for materials concerning health humanities, and nature therapy

Conferences of potential interest

Annual Health Humanities Conferences

Held in the Fall (CFP in the spring)

Mayo Clinic- Humanities in Medicine Symposium - location when not virtual rotates between the Mayo Clinics in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida
Rochester, MN US

2021 dates were: September 17, 2021 to September 19, 2021

More general information on Mayo Center for Humanities in Medicine  


Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, - their annual conference may be less or more focused on science than medicine. U


Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference, usually held mid-late September

Kalamazoo, MI


Examined Life Conference, conference usually held in September/October


Spring Conferences

Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS)- usually held in March

rotating location

2022 conference, Call for proposals (deadline November 8)


Health Humanities Consortium- usually held in March

rotating location

2022 conference Call for proposals (deadline October 31)




Ongoing Projects of Potential Interest


This project was advertised as an MSRP project- the deadline for MSRP funding is past, but there are still opportunities to work on it:

Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy With Patients

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig
Phone Number: (352) 273-8406
Project Category: Literature Review
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:
The Health Science Center Library is developing a project and grant proposal with the goal of assessing reasons for vaccine hesitancy (focusing on COVID-19 vaccines but not limited exclusively to these vaccines), and then addressing these reasons, and would like to include medical students in the research and interviewing. The project itself will have several phases, including interviewing healthcare providers, chaplains, public health workers- people whose work includes difficult conversations, collecting information on curricula, and other programs educating care workers on working with vaccine hesitancy, creating a research database to serve in creating an algorithm for these conversations, and developing trainings.

An MSRP for summer of 2021 would involve work through an existing, group IRB and research on the First Project Phase. Opportunities would exist for continuing work on the project as it progresses through different phases.

Suggested readings



Essential, Key Texts



Information on the pathway

This links to information on this medical student pathway.

Local activities and opportunities

Materials from the College of Medicine Health Humanities Pathway

Global events

Graphic Medicine- for the chance to draw and practice graphic medicine virtually...

To respond to the cancellation of our 2020 Graphic Medicine conference in Toronto, to combat the social isolation of pandemic-related lockdowns, and to support and promote community, the Graphic Medicine International Cooperative (GMIC) launched a free weekly virtual meet-up called “Drawing Together” on  April 6.

We provided a Zoom link, a topic, and a group facilitator.  Members of the world-wide Graphic Medicine community gathered to draw, support one another, and share. See links below to the first thirteen weekly sessions that ran until June 28. This page will serve as an ongoing archive of our sessions. Our intention is to create video posts to guide you through exercises from all the sessions.

Starting in February 2021, these gatherings are now be held twice monthly. The first will be the second Friday of the month 3pm ET (8pmGMT) and the second on the last Sunday of the month, at 1pmET (6pm GMT).

To register: email MK Czerwiec at to get the link

Next will be April 25th

Mutter Museum events

The Mutter Museum is part of the College of Physicians in Philadelphia

April 20- A Celebration of Carol Orzel-  Carol was diagnosed with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP) as a child and spent her life advocating for more research in search of a cure for this rare disease. When Carol passed away in 2018, she donated her skeleton to the Mütter Museum so that she could continue to educate the world about FOP. Learn more about Carol and FOP with Dr. Mona Al Mukaddam, Dr. Frederick Kaplan, and Dr. Eileen Shore during a virtual presentation on April 20, 2021.

Library Company of Philadelphia

This organization was the first library opened in the Americas, by Benjamin Franklin.  They are holding regular free, virtual events- some of which have a health theme.  This event- a Fireside Chat scheduled for May 27 may be of interest- Liberty and Insanity in the Age of the American Revolution, Sarah L. Swedberg examines how conceptions of mental illness intersected with American society, law, and politics during the early American Republic. Swedberg illustrates how concerns about insanity raised difficult questions about the nature of governance. Revolutionaries built the American government based on rational principles, but could not protect it from irrational actors that they feared could cause the body politic to grow mentally or physically ill.  For more events, see

University of Florida Home Page

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