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Reference Materials (3rd floor of Library West and online):

Latin Texts:

Books in the general collection of Library West (1st and 2nd floor):

  • Documents in Medieval Latin, by John Thorley: PA2825.T48 1998
  • Handbook of Christian Latin: Style, Morphology, and Syntax, by Albert Blaise: PA2306.B413 1994
  • Introduction to manuscript studies, by Raymond Clemens and Timothy Graham: Z105.C58 2007
  • Introduction to medieval Latin, by Karl Strecker: PA2816.S72
  • Medieval Latin, edited by K.P. Harrington ; revised by Joseph Pucci: PA2825.M43 1997
  • Medieval Latin : an introduction and bibliographical guide, edited by F.A.C. Mantello and A.G. Rigg: PA2802.M43 1996; also in E-book
  • Medieval Latin Lyric, by Penelope Rainey: PA8122.R34 1993
  • Medieval Latin Palaeography, by Leonard E. Boyle: Z106.B68 1984
  • Medieval mosaic : a book of medieval Latin readings, by A. W. Godfrey: PA2825.G64 2016
  • Medieval semantics : selected studies on medieval logic and grammar, edited by Sten Ebbesen: B840.P561 1984
  • Reading Medieval Latin, by Keith Sidwell: PA2825.S53 1995
  • Writing matters : presenting and perceiving monumental inscriptions in antiquity and the Middle Ages, edited by Irene Berti, Katharina Bolle, Fanny Opdenhoff and Fabian Stroth: CN55.W75 2017

Books to be requested from storage (usually takes a day, sometimes less, to get):

  • Manuel pratique de latin médiéval, by Dag Norberg: Request via UBorrow -- 478.644N822m
  • Medieval Latin word-list : from British and Irish sources, prepared by J.H. Baxter and Charles Johnson ; with the assistance of Phyllis Abrahams: Request via UBorrow -- 479.32B355m


  • Einleitung in die lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters, by Ludwig Traube: Hathi Trust
  • Medieval Latin : an introduction and bibliographical guide, edited by F.A.C. Mantello and A.G. Rigg: E-book


  • International medieval bibliography: CB351.I61, or online
  • Iter: gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance: online



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Mantello and Rigg

Cover of the book "Medieval Latin," edited by Mantello and Rigg


Cover of the book "Medieval Latin," by Harrington

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