Classical Studies

Getting Started with your Research

Before starting any research from off campus, be sure to log in through the UF VPN or library proxy server first. This will ensure that you can connect to the library electronic materials.

If you are on campus, you should already be connected!

  • Feel free to watch these video tutorials for more information on how to get started.
  • To start your library research you can visit the Find page on our website and use the various links and search boxes there.
  • You can also use the databases on the Databases and Indices tab on this research guide.
  • You can use the UF Library Catalog to discover all the research materials UF has access to. (Tip: when using the catalog, databases, and some of our other search tools, look for the advanced search feature and limiters for ways to narrow down your results and tailor your search to your interests.)
  • Use reference materials to help you gain more knowledge about a topic at the beginning of your project, or to expand your knowledge during the project.
  • To find a specific journal, you can use the catalog to find it, or use this journal search tool, or visit the Journals tab on this research guide to see a list of Classics journals.
  • Explore the links compiled on this guide for resources that may relate to your research.
  • Use software like EndNote to keep track of what you find during the research process.
  • Use the questions on this Evaluating Sources guide to think critically about your sources.
  • Check out our workshops to learn more skills.
  • If your project requires some tools or equipment, look at our list of Computers and Equipment or Take-Home Equipment.
  • Reach out to a librarian if you need help. You can contact us in several different ways. Feel free to contact Megan for questions about Classics research.


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