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Latin American Studies

This guide will help students researching topics related to Latin America using resources from the Latin American and Caribbean Collection at the University of Florida and from outside institutions.

Genealogy Research Guideline

The University of Florida Libraries do not provide detailed research assistance for genealogy queries. We can assist with locating resources and points of access.

For general research assistance, please contact the Latin American and Caribbean Collection through our online form.

Genealogy Resources

Below are listed genealogy resources organized by country. Many print and digital information sources that are useful for historical study are also of interest to genealogists, including newspapers, census records, and civil and religious registries of births, marriages, and deaths.

Some resources like FamilySearch may require the creation of a free login or may not be a free resource. Other resources like the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) are open access, so free for anyone with an internet connection to use.

Also please make note any licenses related to the reuse of material, which are the responsibility of the end user.

Antigua and Barbuda





It is important to note that Haiti was known as Saint-Domingue until 1804 when Haitians took their independence. Additional spellings of Haiti include Ayiti (Haitian Kreyòl). Some U.S. and British writers also called it San Domingo. Because of the current situation in Haiti directly contacting archives, libraries, and other institutions of memory and preservation in country is difficult. Most institutions are only open sporadically. The following resources should assist in your search.


Puerto Rico

Historically, Puerto Rico was often referred to as Porto Rico. 

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