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This guide provides information on how to use the microfilm readers and finding microfilm content that are available at the UF Libraries.

Getting Started

What you need to bring with you:

  • A USB/external drive, access to cloud service, or email to save scans
  • UF Gatorlink account (or photo ID to have guest account created) to log onto the library computer

What to do when at the libraries:

  • Find microfilm you wish to view. See Finding Microfilm Content tab for more information
  • Find and log onto a library computer that has microfilm machine. See Microfilm Readers tab for microfilm machine locations. 
  • Load the film (instructions provided below)
  • View microfilm content by opening PowerScan software. Additional information provided in tutorial below and in our manual


Powering the machine


The photograph shows the back side of the ScanPro machines. The power switch is circled in red above. Make sure the side of the switch marked with the line is pushed down for "on". 

Loading microfilm

Photograph of ScanPro machine that has been annotated with red lines to display how to load a reel of microfilm. 


  1. Unbox the microfilm reel.
  2. With reel unwinding toward the right, place reel on the metal bar that is located on the left-hand side of the reader.
  3. Pull center glass out and loop the film underneath the white spool located on left-hand side of the reader.
  4. Feed the film under glass toward the right.
  5. Feed the reel under the white spool located on right-hand side of the reader.
  6. Insert the film into slot of the Take-up Reel.
  7. Push the glass back in.


Using PowerScan Software

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