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Mobile Resources for Health: Mobile access to library resources/Authentication

The easiest way to authenticate

The easiest way to authenticate to get full and unrestricted access to library databases is by downloading the Cisco AnyConnect app and following the detailed instructions below. 

Cisco AnyConnect  for Apple devices

Cisco AnyConnect for Android

iPhone VPN access

To configure the VPN on an iPhone, we recommend using the Cisco AnyConnect app.

Using the Cisco AnyConnect app:

  • Launch the Anyconnect application. You will be asked to enable the software. Select OK.
  • Click the slider next to "AnyConnect VPN"
  • Click on "Description" and type "Temp"
  • Click on "Server Address" and type ""
  • Click "Save" on the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on the On/Off switch. This will start the VPN session. An authentication screen will pop up. Authenticate with your Gatorlink account info. 
  • The client will update and create a new profile called "Gatorlink VPN".
  • Disconnect from the VPN tunnel by clicking the On/Off button and click 'Connections'. It will currently be set to 'Temp'. Select 'Gatorlink VPN'. You can then delete the "Temp" profile by clicking the info icon next to Temp, and then 'Delete VPN Connection'. You should now only have the "Gatorlink VPN" profile remaining.

VPN for Android devices

First, Open the Cisco AnyConnect client for your phone or tablet. It looks like this:



You should now see this screen:


Click on Add New VPN Connection and you should now see this screen:


After pressing Done, you should now see the connection on the screen, click on it and login with your GatorLink username and password.


You should now be automatically connected to the VPN.

Note: You may be prompted to accept that this application will send all traffic over the VPN, if you are, go ahead and accept it.

  • Additional Information:
  • You may see two connections in the list after creating the VPN. This new one is automatically named "Gatorlink VPN" and its settings cannot be edited unless you go into the phones settings and clear the apps data. However, you can simply delete the one created by the user(as seen in the following screenshot) and use the one that is created by the client without having any issues. 


NOTE: Because of the varying settings across Android operating systems, not all devices will work with the AnyConnect app.



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