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Mobile Resources for Health: Administrative/Productivity Apps

Document Viewing and Editing

These applications will allow you to review documents and make revisions on the go. 

Google Drive 
With Google Drive, you can store up to 15 GB of documents, photos, spreadsheets, and audio-visual material remotely and access them anywhere on your computer or portable device.  To create or edit documents, spreadsheets, or powerpoints in Google Drive on your mobile device, you will need to download the apps for Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides, but all those are available for free. 



OneDrive @ UF provides 1TB of cloud file storage. Cloud storage makes it easier to access files from different devices and locations—there is no need to save documents to a flash drive when traveling or using a different device. In addition to file storage, OneDrive allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents within your web browser or on your mobile device.


Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office now has features that allow you view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents on your phone or tablet and access those files remotely. The Office apps are available for both iOS and Android-based tablets. While the apps themselves are free and allow you to read files at no additional cost, you need a Microsoft Office account subscription in order to create or edit documents on the mobile device. UFIT is pleased to provide access to free copies of Office 365 ProPlus to UF students, faculty, and staff. As part of UF’s campus-wide licensing agreement, the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for Education program allows multiple full downloads to personal devices of Office 2013 Professional Plus, Office 2016 for Mac, and Office for iPad at no charge.

UFIT Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader allows you to view and edit PDF documents on your iOS or Android device, including iPad.  The newest feature allows you to access PDF files from the Dropbox app while working in Acrobat.  Adobe also offers a paid version with an expanded list of features.



CamScanner allows you to create digital images of printed documents.  Create jpg or pdf files on the go and synch them to your other electronic devices all from one app.  CamScanner comes with 200M of free cloud storage with extra storage available with a premium account. 



Doximity is a medical professional network in the US, claiming over 60% of clinicians as members. Through both mobile and web platforms, clinicians can use Doximity's free tools for HIPAA-secure communication, electronic faxing, reading custom-curated medical news, and career management. Doximity is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. 


   Read by QXMD

Read and download studies, journals and articles in a magazine format. After signing up for a free account, you have access to free content, but you can also authenticate using your UF credentials to access paid journals and subscriptions. More information available at

Scheduling and Note Taking


With Evernote, you can save notes, pictures, and even web pages remotely and access them anywhere on any Evernote-enabled device.  Take a picture of the whiteboard while you're taking in notes in class, and then access the file on your computer at home.  Evernote also offers a variety of other applications including Evernote Peek for iPad, a flash card card style studying aid.  Available for free, but there are also paid subscriptions with more features.


Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is very similar to EndNote in that both allow you to save notes, pictures, audio, video, and webpages remotely and then access them online or through any OneNote device.  OneNote offers lots of features for creating notes from scratch, although the app for smartphones offers more limited options than the desktop and tablet versions.



Pomotodo helps you manage your workflow.  It records how long it takes you to complete tasks so you can better evaluate your productivity and even schedules short breaks throughout the day so you can recharge in between activities.  The basic version is free.  However, there are payment options available to unlock additional features. 


Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a scheduling assistant.  It allows you to access and edit your appointments from just about anywhere.  You can also set up email, text, or instant messaging reminders. 



Citation Management

EndNote for iOS

EndNote's app only works for the iPad, but allows you to sync your EndNote library on your desktop, iPad, and online. The app offers features for PDF annotation and citation organization. Endnote Web is free for students and faculty affiliated with the University of Florida; desktop versions of EndNote can be purchased separately.



Mendeley is another citation manager and PDF reader.  Through the app, you can add PDFs to your library, annotate them, edit citations.  The mobile version syncs with the web version on all your devices.  Unlike RefWorks or EndNote, which you can access for free through UF, Mendeley is free to any users. 




The mobile version of allows you to access and edit your Zotero library on your tablet or mobile phone. The Zotero Bookmarklet allows you to save items from your mobile device's browser directly to your account. While there are no official Zotero apps for mobile devices, there are several third party solutions.

Video Conferencing

These applications allow you to stream live audio and video to others across a wireless internet connection.   


Skype offers free streaming, including instant messages, photos, and videos, between Skype devices.  Calls and text messages to phone lines are available at an additional fee. 




FaceTime is another audio and video streaming application designed exclusively for Apple productes.  Please note: if you are using iOS 6, you most likely already have it installed on your device. 

If you have an Apple device but you haven't hadn't tried FaceTime yet, check out the instructions on how to set up and use it here:

FaceTime Setup and Instructions

Read how professionals in the medical field are using this technology to help provide care to patients:

FaceTime for Physicians: Using Real Time Mobile Phone–Based Videoconferencing to Augment Diagnosis and Care in Telemedicine



Noizo transforms your mobile device into a ambient noise machine.  Choose from 15 free sounds designed to help you tune out distractions and focus on your tasks. 

Looking for more Apps?

This guide includes only a small sampling of available apps for your mobile device.  To discover more apps, see what's popular now on your device.  Here are the links to the most popular Apple and Google Play productivity apps. 

You can also find reviews on many apps on third party sites.  Keep in mind there is always a certain level of bias in any review so it is a good idea to gather opinions from multiple sources.  Lifehacker's App Directory and CNET's Best Apps reviews are a great place to get started. 

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