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PANA (Pan-American Authorities) workflow: Background/Overview

A guide to help the Bilingual (English/Spanish) Metadata Working Group select Spanish-language preferred and non-preferred terms


The University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) and the Digital Library of the Caribbean (DLOC) serve the University of Florida, local communities, and global users. The Latin American and Caribbean Collections hold millions of pages in Spanish that are especially sought after by Spanish speaking users from many nations around the world. To better serve our diverse users and improve accessibility, Digital Support Services has implemented Spanish-language metadata. While doing this work, standardization issues in regards to Spanish-language authorities became evident. Therefore, the Bilingual (English/Spanish) Metadata Working Group was formed because standardization of terminology and metadata creation workflows is vital to ensure discoverability of resources especially in digital libraries where linkable subject authorities provide a better user experience.  


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