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Shared Collections Cataloging Unit: Congressional Record

Information for and about the Shared Collections Cataloging Unit.

Aleph System Numbers

Daily Issues (Paper)

Daily Issues (Electronic)

Bound Volumes

Congressional Record

The Congressional Record daily issues are received in the shipments from GPO.  They do not have labels or barcodes. 


1.       Check-in all daily issues:

a.       Use Aleph System #20904974

b.      Update UFSTO, DOCS holding

c.       Use 866 31 fields

d.      Do NOT create an item record

e.      Write call number on piece (X 1.1/A:)

f.        Stamp with the U.S. Depos stamp

g.       Shelve

2.       Withdraw daily issues when bound volume is received:

a.       Retrieve issues covered by bound volume

b.      Delete holdings statements for daily issues to be withdrawn

c.       Mark through stamp

d.      Mark cover and title page with a large X

e.      Recycle

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