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Shared Collections Cataloging Unit: Hearings (Y 4)

Information for and about the Shared Collections Cataloging Unit.

Processing Federal Documents – Hearings (Y 4’s)

Bibliographic Record:

1.       Check the following fields:

a.   007   Field denotes microfiche
b.   035   Verify OCLC number is correct; no "X" at the end (If so, See Overlay Procedure)
c.   086   If no 086, please add.  First Indicator is 0.  (See guidelines for formatting SuDoc #)
d.   245   Should not have a subfield h microform (If it does, See Overlay Procedure)
e.   260
 f.   300

2.       Verify the document is “Held” in OCLC

Holding Record:

1.      If holding is UFSTO GEN, make the following edits:

         a.   852 should have a "3" in the first indicator ("3" represents SuDoc)
         b.   Insert TKR Hearing
         c.   Run the Stodocs TKR macro
         d.   Run the Stodocs Statistics macro

2.      If there isn't a UFSTO GEN holding, create a new holding

         a.   Complete step 1 a-d

Item Record:

1.       Item Status should be “01”

2.       Material type should be “book”

3.       Set Item Process Status (IPS) to GF

5.       Update the item record

Physical Processing:

1.       Must have a call number (label or handwritten on upper left-hand corner of cover)

2.       Must have a “U.S. Depository” stamp

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