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Course Reserves for George A. Smathers Libraries: Basics

Learn about Course Reserves and how they can contribute to your teaching and learning experiences.

Basics - Instructors


When may I place a Course Reserves request?

It is best to place course reserves requests as early as possible. Each semester, the Course Reserves staff will send out an email to all registered faculty users notifying them that the units are accepting reserves requests for the following semester. Course reserves may be placed throughout the current semester, as needed.

How long does it take the Course Reserves unit to process a request?

The Course Reserves units will process requests in the order in which they are received. As a rule, there is little delay in processing course reserves requests; however, some factors may delay the process.

  • For example, there may be delays in processing requests made during the first two weeks of a new semester.
  • Other factors include incomplete bibliographic information or a request for materials currently unavailable (because they are currently checked out to a patron or otherwise unavailable).
  • If the library does not own an item, and you do want to request it for course use, please note this in your course reserves request; keep in mind that requests for purchase may also delay availability.

Do I have to pay to put something on reserve?

No. It is free to put items on reserve.

The George A. Smathers Libraries pay fees associated with making copyrighted material available for electronic reserves; we do reserve the right to deny requests in cases where the fee is deemed excessive. In the event of a denial, the instructor will be contacted. If the library does not currently own an item that an instructor wants to place on course reserves, the library will attempt to purchase a copy. Please bear in mind that price and availability may affect the ability of the Course Reserves unit to purchase items.

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