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First Generation College Students

A guide to support the information needs of First Generation College Students.


About this guide

Welcome to the University of Florida First-Generation college students and thanks to everyone who has helped you to become the first generation of your family to attend college! This guide is designed to direct you to the many resources available to support your academic and professional success as well as your well-being at the university. It is divided into pages that detail:

 University Offices whose teams are eager to get to know you and share with you the many ways that they assist first-gen students.

 National organizations that have a presence at our university and have helped First-Gen students across our country make sure that they are not only the first generation of their family to attend college but the first generation to graduate from college.

 Testimonials from students who were just like you and want to share the skills they have gained, the knowledge they have acquired, and the memories they have made.

 Wellness resources to support your health and well-being throughout your college journey.

 The many ways that the university's libraries play an important role in achieving your goals.

What is a First Generation College Student?

The Center for First-Generation Student Success offers this simple explanation: "Being a First-Gen student means that your parents did not complete a 4-year college or university degree.

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