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First Generation College Students

A guide to support the information needs of First Generation College Students.

First Year Student Support

UF Promise - Sponsored by the UF Office of Academic Support and the UF Office of Admissions this program is for first-year college students selectively chosen through the admission process that provides additional scholarly support and enrichment opportunities. Students who meet the criteria and are chosen are, first, initiated into the Promise Learning & Involvement Community (PLIC) where they share a residence during the Summer B semester with other Promise students. This program helps to foster friendships and peer mentoring with other incoming college freshmen as well as receive guidance from Promise Peer Coaches (PCs). In addition to peer and coach support, the students also have access to exclusive resources available through the Office of Academic Support such as academic advising, free tutoring, workshops, and an option for smaller class sizes in the Summer B semester.

First Year Florida - A course led by UF faculty/staff and an upperclassmen student that teaches incoming college students the skills needed to make a successful transition to the University of Florida. They will learn skills such as: where to find resources that support their academic goals; critical thinking in the classroom and beyond; how their well-being impacts their success; and how to be a positive representative of the University of Florida. This course also focuses on a Service Learning Project in which the students get involved with the needs of their new home by working with local community support agencies.  

Student Support Service Program - A federally funded program with a focus on First-Generation college students that offers a variety of benefits to impact the academic success of participating students. These benefits include scholarships, faculty support, mentoring, tutoring, workshops, graduate exam preparation, and career exploration. 

Early Arrival Initiatives - Sponsored by The Center for Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement this initiative offers 4 transition programs for first-year and transfer: Hispanic-Latinx students, Asian Pacific Islander Desi students; LGBTQ+ students; and students in the Black community. The focus of the initiative is to assist those students in these communities in their transition to the university; help them identify those with shared interests and backgrounds; and make them aware of resources and services available to support their academic and cultural growth.

logo reading UF CWC freshmentality.Freshmentality - Sponsored by the UF Counseling and Wellness Center and developed by the center's AWARE Ambassador program, this mental health training course seeks to address the variety of mental health concerns that arise when incoming students are trying to adjust to their new environment. Among the topics covered are: homesickness, making friends, handling stress, time management, and more. Though the title of the course might suggest, it is available to any student that thinks they need it. 


Gator Law - A mentorship opportunity in partnership with the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program and Office of First-Generation Student Success for First-Generation college students to learn more about the opportunities available to those students who are accepted into the UF Levin College of Law. A chance to network with students, faculty, and alumni; participate in workshops; and observe law school courses with continued support for those who want to apply for acceptance.

Student Organizations

Honors First Generation (H1G) - An organization that supports the First-Gen Honors student's transition from high school to college. It pairs the students with upperclassman mentors who help the student with the transition by assisting with matters of academics, extracurricular activities, and campus resources. In addition to the mentorship, students can attend a variety of activities including workshops that inform the student on the resources available to them on campus and in the Gainesville community.

First Generation Organization (FGO) - A student organization that supports those who are First-Gen college students by celebrating their diverse community with goals of strong self-awareness, academic excellence, and becoming contributing members to their community.

FGSO - First Generation Student Organization - Medical College Council - A medical student organization that supports those in their enrollment who are First-Gen college students by giving them opportunities to share their experiences and collaborative assistance toward everyone's shared success.

Student Testimonial

Career Development

First-Generation Student Career Community - Sponsored by the UF Career Connections Center this resource for first-generation college students supports the academic path of students through the assessment of a major's career opportunities, job searching, completing job applications, preparing for job interviews, and building a professional network.

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