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1.  PubMed:  When looking for information on a drug or class of drugs use the Mesh Database to see if there is a mesh heading or [Substance name], [Mesh Heading] or  [Pharmacological Action]. All substances known to have a pharmacological action are linked to that heading,  for instance all the drugs that are antidepressive agents are listed under antidepressive agents[pharmacological action].   If you see a MeSH heading for the drug class and a Pharmaceutical Action use "OR" to search both. 

2. The General Help and Tutorials page contains tutorials and help sheets on searching PubMed and using the Library's resources.  

3. There is now an VPN App, which is available via the App Store for  the iPhone.The instructions for downloading and setting it up are at:   If you need help  contact  352-392-help or

4. The MeSH Database has changed.  Here are links to tutorials on the updated MeSH database:

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