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Smathers Libraries Assessment Program: University Reports

Developing a decision-making foundation for Smathers Libraries

As an administrative unit of the University of Florida, the George A. Smathers Libraries play a primary role in the institutional effectiveness of the the university.  According to the Office of Institutional Assessment, "Each unit engages in the  ongoing, integrated,  and research-based planning and evaluation processes that (1) incorporate a systematic review of institutional mission, goals, and outcomes; (2) result in continuing improvement in institutional quality; and (3) demonstrate  that UF is effectively  accomplishing its mission (SACSCOC, 2013. pp. 16-17, 48-53).

The Libraries are important contributors to student academic success and the ability of library leadership to articulate and illustrate library efforts, guided by the Libraries' Mission, Vision and Goals, is increasingly important to accrediting bodies and  the university administration. More importantly, the efforts of the Smathers Libraries deserve to be acknowledged for their 'service first' orientation to students and faculty.

The Institutional Effectiveness Plan presents the Libraries Mission, Vision and Value Statements and prioritizes targeted efforts as "strategic directions."  [Currently, our strategic directions are under revision but will likely be posted no later than July 30, 2018].  Our 2014-2017 Strategic Directions can be viewed here.

The Institutional Effectiveness Plans are organized around the four Strategic Directions (soon to be five), with each library department contributing key projects and programs that exemplify their efforts. Many of these actions are cross-departmental and therefore, reported by the project lead. With the 2018 timeline revision provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the upcoming academic/fiscal year plans and the previous year's results, will be submitted to that office no later than September 30 of the current year.  Plans are submitted by each department in July and August to the Libraries' Assessment Librarian for review and editing.  The dates for these internal submissions will be posted yearly.

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