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Smathers Libraries Assessment Program: Statistics&Assessments Committee

Developing a decision-making foundation for Smathers Libraries

Committee Charge

Assessment Committee Charge 

The overall purpose of the Assessment Committee (AC) is to support the implementation of a library assessment program that facilitates an evidence-based decision-making model and fosters a broader culture of assessment at the UF Libraries by identifying unit needs, relevant resources and best practices that facilitate action-based assessments.  

The committee will serve in a consulting capacity to help individuals and units to design studies, make data available and choose tools that best meet assessment and statistical data collection needs. The AC will streamline and focus on analysis of internal data collected and reported to external agencies and generate meaningful recommendations for unit assessments indicated by the available data.  


Members will serve on a two-year rotating basis and may be reappointed by their respective Chair/Dean; membership for the AC will consist of members representing branch libraries, LIC and HSCL, and other library support units as requested by the Deans or the unit Chair.  

Chair – Laura Spears 

Members – Suzan Alteri, Amy Buhler, Lisa Campbell, Shamika Dalton, Cynthia Digby, Mary Edwards, Rachael Elrod, Leilani Freund, Paul Losch, Valrie Minson, Trey Shelton and Laura Perry. 


Implementation of the Charge 

The AC is responsible for developing ways to examine unit needs based on the data from various statistical datasets (institutional, external) and any that may be proposed or indicated in the Institutional Effectiveness plan submitted by their units. Proposed examinations would be informed by institutional or disciplinary criteria and would need review and approval by the relevant Chair and/or Dean. The AC is responsive to the analyses of statistics collection and to the observations and requests of unit Chairs and Deans. Both the Assessment Librarian and the committee members are expected to bring forth proposals for preliminary discussion by the committee. 


Responsibilities include:

  • Stay abreast of best practices regarding the collection of data and use of metrics in assessing library performance and contributions to university objectives. 

  • Coordinate assessment training and awareness activities throughout the UF Libraries to ensure broad dissemination of assessment and statistics skills, knowledge and abilities. 

  • Conduct environmental scans as needed. 

  • Report on assessment tools and resources (e.g., Voyant, R, Tableau, Nvivo, etc.) OR specific, relevant literature focusing on assessment of a particular academic library component or potentially useful method. 

  • Assist in assessments with various UF Libraries’ user groups, as relevant, including and not limited to: undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, teaching faculty, library personnel. 

The AC reports through the Assessment Librarian to the Assistant Dean of Assessment and Student Engagement; the AC has advisory and project-based responsibilities. 


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