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Anthropology @ UF: Research, Data, and Archiving Support

This guide contains course-specific information for a number of Anthropology classes @ UF

Research Metrics

Writing and Research Support

Data Storage and Sharing

Human Subjects Research

Social science research on human subjects will have to go through the IRB process, unless 1) the research is part of a class where the instructor is teaching survey methods and the purpose is to learn the method, 2) the data collected are solely used for learning how to run analysis, 3) the data will not be circulated outside the classroom/will not be published.

IRB 1 is for health science related research, while IRB 2 is for non-medical purposes. 

Survey Tools and Resources

Informed consent is the process of telling your research participants about your study, what their participation will involve, and how their data will be used or circulated. Below are some additional resources:

Univ. Michigan Research Ethics and Compliance

UF Informed Consent Forms

University of Florida Home Page

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