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Digital Humanities Resources at UF

A guide for digital humanities resources. Created by Tiffany C. Esteban, MSI, Digital Humanities Associate.


This is a list of journalism, scholarship, and other resources I draw on in my work as a member of the AI and Data Teams in the Academic Research Consulting and Services (ARCS) department. I use it as a baseline for my approach to thinking through AI ethics in my consultations and workshops. This compilation centers the perspectives of information professionals, artists, writers, and others whose labor is significantly affected by the implementation of AI tools. I share them here in the hope of highlighting socio-cultural aspects of discussions about AI ethics, and as starting points for discussion.

Information Professionals: Critiques of algorithmic oppression and surveillance in search engines and databases conducted by technology and data analytics companies.

Artists: Responses to AI-generated images.

Writers and Translators: Responses to AI-generated scripts, books, and documents.

Voice Actors: Responses to AI-generated speech.

Content Moderators and Data Annotators: Critiques of labor exploitation in tech industries.

Scholars: Critiques of academic and tech industry approaches to AI, mainly from disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Data and AI Groups: Non-profit organizations, research institutes, and community networks advocating for ethical AI research and development.

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Information Professionals


Writers and Translators

Voice Actors

Content Moderators and Data Annotators


Data and AI Groups

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