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Digital Humanities Resources at UF

A guide for digital humanities resources. Created by Tiffany C. Esteban, MSI, Digital Humanities Associate.


I apply a critical international librarianship approach to my digital humanities work, so the majority of projects I consult on navigate international copyright issues. This is a non-comprehensive list of resources I use to facilitate my consultations with researchers working in different countries with varying cultural contexts, legal environments, and information needs. This is intended as an educational resource, not a legal one. Consult a legal professional for questions about your project's interactions with legal systems.

General Resources: On fair use, privacy, and metadata.

Data Sharing: Specific to text mining and data ethics.

Data Sovereignty: Specific to the inherent rights and interests of Indigenous communities to their data.

For questions about this topic, please contact me via email at

General Resources

Data Sharing

Data Sovereignty

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