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Digital Humanities Resources at UF

A guide for digital humanities resources. Created by Tiffany C. Esteban, MSI, Digital Humanities Associate.


Alongside project creation, a major facet of digital humanities research centers on critiquing the impacts of digital technologies on their users. Accordingly, this is a list of toolkits, self-paced courses, and guides for learning the following aspects of digital literacy necessary to conduct these analyses.

Algorithmic Bias: "Computational discrimination whereby unfair outcomes privilege one arbitrary group of people over another." (from A People's Guide to Finding Algorithmic Bias)

Media Manipulation and Disinformation: "The sociotechnical process whereby motivated actors leverage specific conditions or features within an information ecosystem in an attempt to generate public attention and influence public discourse through deceptive, creative, or unfair means." (from The Media Manipulation Casebook)

Data Privacy and Protections: Encompasses "confidentiality, the ability to express oneself selectively; anonymity, the ability to act without revealing your identity; and autonomy, freedom from interference." (from Digital Privacy Guide)

Data Advocacy: "An integrative practice of analysis, design, and communication in which insights from a dataset are effectively conveyed to raise public awareness and drive social change." (from Data Advocacy for All)

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Algorithmic Bias

Media Manipulation and Disinformation

Data Privacy and Protections

Data Advocacy

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