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Library Faculty Assembly: Tenure & Promotion Committee

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at

Tenure & Promotion Joint Committee

Committee Membership 2018-2019:


Name Unit Rank Term Elected/Appointed
Jana Ronan LW UL 2016-2019 Appointed
Laurie Taylor TSS UL 2016-2019 Appointed
Michele Tennant HSCL UL 2016-2019 Appointed
Valrie Minson (Chair) MSL UL 2017-2020 Elected
Chelsea Dinsmore TSS Assoc 2017-2020 Elected
Hannah Norton HSCL Assoc 2017-2020 Elected
Dan Reboussin SASC Assoc 2018-2021 Elected
Christopher Vallandingham LIC Assoc 2018-2021 Elected
Amy Buhler MSL UL 2018-2021 Appointed


Tenure & Promotion Joint Committee

Tenure & Promotion (T&P) Committee

Charge: The members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee will review and discuss appropriate tenure and promotion regulations for the Libraries and the University in order to develop a common understanding of the requirements, procedures and their responsibilities prior to consideration of the tenure/promotion nominations. They will then review the files of candidates for tenure and promotion. After review and discussion of the nomination, the Chair of the Committee informs the Dean of University Libraries and the Libraries’ Human Resources Office that their review has been completed.A fact-finding report, identifying the strengths and weakness of each candidate, is prepared for the Dean of University Libraries. The results of the committee votes must be provided to the Libraries’ Human Resources Office where they will be incorporated into the packet and submitted to the candidate.

Composition:  The Tenure and Promotion Committee is composed of nine members: five elected by the Library Faculty Assembly and four appointed by the Dean of Libraries with the fifth alternating yearly. All must be tenured faculty members, with a majority of University Librarians. The committee will include one member each from Health Science Center Libraries and Legal Information Center with equitable representation of units of Smathers Libraries.

Chair: By August of each year the Dean of University Libraries appoints one University Librarian on the committee to be the Chair of the committee.

Term: Each faculty member appointed or elected to the committee will serve a three-year term, unless appointed/elected to fill in for a committee member who has left the Libraries or is otherwise unable to serve. New members are elected/appointed in April/May, take office October 1st, and complete their service three years later on September 30th. Appointments are staggered in such a way that the terms of three committee members will end each year thus necessitating the election or appointment of three new committee members.

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