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Library Faculty Assembly: Nominating Committee

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at

Nominating Committee

Committee Membership

The Nominating Committee is chaired by the immediate Past Chair of LFA. The other LFA officers serve as members.

Current Membership

Lauren Adkins, Chair

April Hines (2023 - 2025)

Megan Daly (2022 - 2024)

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

Per the LFA Standing Rules

Responsibilities: The Nominating Committee shall be charged with the following duties.
1) Nominations of Assembly Officers (Chair-Elect, Secretary).
2) Nominations for other library offices or positions as needed, including those requested by the Libraries Dean.
3) Voter qualifications and election schedules shall be determined by the offices, positions, or committees being filled.

Appointment: This Committee is an annual assignment but continues from year to year.

Chair: The Chair shall be the Past Chair of the Assembly.

Meetings: The committee members shall be charged by the Committee Chair immediately after the Assembly Officers planning meeting and will meet when requested to do so by the Committee Chair.

Last Updated

Updated: Sept 23, 2021 (NW)

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