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Library Faculty Assembly: Career Development Committee

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at

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Career Development Committee

Committee Membership 2021-2022:

John Nemmers (2018-2022) 

Terry Selfe (2018-2022)

Sara Gonzalez (2019-2022)

Alan Asher (2021-2022)

Stacey Ewing (2021-2023)

Laura Spears (2021-2023)

Chelsea Dinsmore (2021-2023)

Brian Keith (Ex officio)

Bonnie Smith (Ex officio)


Career Development Committee

Career Development Committee

Per the LFA Standing Rules

Responsibilities: The Career Development Committee is charged with developing and maintaining policies on faculty recruitment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, sabbatical/professional development leaves, mentoring and professional development; to develop and maintain the Career Development Handbook and other professional development guidelines and resources for faculty; and to ensure that library faculty career development policies and practices best serve the faculty and conform to relevant university rules and relevant UFF-UF rules for in unit faculty.

Appointment: This Committee is an annual assignment but continues from year to year. Members will be appointed by the Assembly Chair in consultation with the other Officers at the Assembly Officers planning meeting. Membership should include 2-3 past Chairs (or past members) from the Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Sabbatical Committee and/or the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee who would be responsible for maintaining faculty career development resources. All members would be responsible for career development policy and practice matters.  Professional staff from the Library Human Resource Office may serve as advisory members.

Chair: The Chair will be elected by the committee at their first meeting following the Assembly Officers planning meeting.

Meetings: The Committee and Committee members shall be charged immediately after the Assembly Officers planning meeting and will meet when requested to do so by the Committee Chair.

Term: Committee members shall serve two year staggered terms. If a Committee member resigns, a replacement member shall be appointed by the Assembly Chair in consultation with the other Officers to serve out the member’s term.

Quorum: A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Committee members.

Career Development Handbook

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