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Library Faculty Assembly: Tenure & Promotion Task Force

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at

Tenure & Promotion Task Force

Current Members:

John Nemmers (Chair)

Gretchen Kuntz

Ann Lindell

Valrie Minson

Colleen Seale

Ben Walker

Todd Venie



This task force has been created to address recommendations made by the University Administration for a consistent emphasis on research and scholarship in the T&P packets coming from the libraries.  The University as a whole has been focusing on scholarship and this is expected to be reflected in the standards for scholarship as part of UF’s preeminent standing.  Additionally, it is atypical for UF units to grant tenure in cases where distinction in scholarship, as defined by the unit, is not evidenced.

This Task Force is created to recommend changes in the libraries’ criterion for tenure and promotion.

Tenure and promotion language from other UF Colleges and other academic libraries should be examined for model language.

As a joint task force between LFA and the libraries administration, 4 members shall be appointed by LFA and 3 members by the Dean of University Libraries such that the membership represents a cross section of the library tenure homes.

The timeline for the Task Force is as follows:

  • November 17th, work commences
  • January 15th, the commitee meets with LFA Officers and Deans to provide an update on their work
  • Draft recommendations to be distributed on February 9th for presenation and discussion at the LFA meeting on February 16th
  • Final recommendations to be distributed on March 9th for presentation and discussion at the LFA meeting on March 16th.


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