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Library Faculty Assembly: Sabbatical/FEO Committee

The UF Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) is the official faculty body for College Level Shared Governance, serving all faculty librarians at the University of Florida. This Guide replaces the website at

Committee Membership

Sara Gonzalez (2020-2023, MSL)

Jana Ronan, current chair (2019-2022, LW)

Laurie Taylor (2021-2023 TSS)

Amy Buhler (2021-2022, MSL)

Chelsea Dinsmore (2021-2024, TSS)

Mary Edwards (2021-2024, HSCL)

Bonnie Smith, ex officio

Sabbatical/FEO Committee

Sabbatical/FEO Committee

Charge: The charge of the Sabbatical Selection Committee is to evaluate all the leave applications and to select those recipients for consideration for the award of a professional development leave or sabbatical. No more than one faculty member in each department need be granted leave at one time. The report of this committee will be sent to the Dean.

Composition: Members of the Sabbatical Committee must be tenured, full-time faculty. They are nominated by the Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) Nominating Committee and elected in the Spring Semester at the same time as other LFA elections occur. The committee members select the chairperson.

Term: Committee members shall serve three year terms.

Last Updated

Updated: September 23, 2021 (NW)

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