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JRNL - Journal Retention and Needs Listing: Editing

Describes the use and operation of JRNL


This tab provides information about how to edit existing information in JRNL.


What tasks can each user perform in the tool

Permissions to edit different data elements

Depending on your JRNL permissions, you will have the ability to edit different data in the system.  Some data elements may only be edited by a few users in order to keep the data consistent across the system.  See the table on the Users tab for more information.

Bibliographic Data

Because a journal's bibliogaphic data is shared with all users, only a limited number of users called "Bib Administrators" have the ability to edit this data once it is entered into JRNL.  If you see bibliographic information that appears to be incorrect, contact the Bib Administrator at to request a change.  Technical Users at any institution (see Users tab) may upload bibliographic data for a journal that does not yet exist in JRNL but further editing must be requested through the Bib Administrator.

Holdings Data

For the Holdings Data, a Technical User may edit  

  • Description (Holdings information)
  • Confirmation Type (Physical or Bibliographic)
  • Complete Run flag (checked or unchecked)
  • Publically Accessible flag (Yes, No)
  • Circulation Status (Circulating, In Building Use Only, Non-Circulating)
  • Electronic Document Delivery (EDD preferred, EDD only, or blank)
  • The actual Holdings Location may only be changed by entering a new holding

Edits may be done individually by clicking on one of your institution's holdings, scrolling down to the holdings section and clicking on Edit .  You may also delete the entire holding by clicking on Delete.  If you do not see the Edit or Delete links to the right of the Holding, you do not have permission to edit this holding.  You may only edit Holdings in Locations managed by your institution and you must be a Technical User at that institution.  (see Users tab)

Another way to edit holdings it by uploading new holdings information for the existing OCLC(s).  JRNL will overwrite the old holdings information with the data from the new upload.

Gap Data

For the Gap Data, a Technical User may edit

  • Volume
  • Chronology

Edits may be done individually by navigating to the Manage My Gaps page, clicking on one of your institution's gaps, and clicking on Edit .  You may also delete the entire gap by clicking on Delete.  You may only edit Gaps for Locations managed by your institution.  Both Basic and Technical Users at an institution may manage Gaps.  (see Users tab)

Gap data will not be overwritten using another Gap upload since it is possible for an institution to solicit multiple copies of the same volume.

Users and Locations

Technical Users may manage Users and Locations through the Administration page.  Each User must have a unique Google login.  The single Contact-Email for the institution may also be managed here. 

For Locations, the user may edit:

  • Location Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Facility Type (Full Service Library, High Density (Harvard Model) Storage, On Campus Closed Stacks or Other Storage)
  • HVAC (this should be short and descriptive, but may be in any format…something like, “temperature and humidity controlled”)
  • PSAP Association (the archiving programs in which this location will participate.  Usually, this will be all the archiving programs to which the institution belongs)


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